The missing piece of Charlie O'reilly

Published March 2019


Charlie O’Reilly is an only child. Which is why it makes everyone uncomfortable when he talks about his brother.

Liam. His little brother, who, up until a year ago, slept in the bunk above Charlie, took pride in being as annoying as possible, and was the only person who could make Charlie laugh until it hurt. Then came the morning when the bunk, and Liam, disappeared forever. No one even remembers him—not Charlie’s mother, who has been battling severe depression; and not Charlie’s father, who is almost always gone on business trips. The only person who believes Charlie is his best friend, Ana; even if she has no memory of Liam, she is as determined as Charlie is to solve the mystery of his missing brother.

The search seems hopeless…until Charlie finds a mysterious note, unmistakably written in Liam’s handwriting. If he and Ana are going to figure out what happened to Liam, they have no choice but to follow its instructions—even if doing so could mean that they, too, might disappear, unremembered, forever.

Rebecca K. S. Ansari’s debut is a stunning contemporary fantasy about love, loss, and the power to forgive that we all have inside us—even if we forget that it’s there.

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